Understanding Medicare.

Stay current on everything Medicare with Baylor Scott & White Health Plan.

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Understanding Medicare

Stay current on everything Medicare with Baylor Scott & White Health Plan. Content includes a variety of Medicare topics and tips, guidance on different coverage options and plans, and important factors to consider as you approach the age of 65.

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Apr 19

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

Learn how Medicare can help pay assisted living costs for you or your loved one, how to qualify, and the limitations of it.

Apr 19

How Does Medicare Advantage Adjust for Inflation

How does inflation impact Medicare premiums, deductibles, and prescription drugs? Learn how the Inflation Reduction Act can save money on your prescriptions.

Apr 19

How Expensive is Medicare Advantage?

How expensive is Medicare Advantage? Learn more about annual Medicare costs and Medicare Advantage premiums, copays, and deductibles.

Apr 19

5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans & Why Star Ratings Matter

What is a 5-Star Medicare Plan? Learn how Medicare star ratings work and why a 5-Star plan is the best choice for Medicare Advantage plans.

Apr 19

When to Enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan

When can you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan? Learn about the different enrollment periods, how they work, and when you should sign up.

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Apr 19

How to Sign Up for Medicare

Navigating Medicare enrollment can be confusing. Here's how to find out if you are eligible for Medicare and when you are able to enroll.

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Apr 19

10 Things to Know about Your Parent’s Healthcare

Doing your research now is the best way to be prepared for the changes that will come as your parents age.

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Apr 19

Caregiver 101: Caring for Aging Parents

Understand the fundamentals of being a caregiver: what is expected and what you should know when caring for aging parents.