Understanding Medicare.

Stay current on everything Medicare with Baylor Scott & White Health Plan.

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Understanding Medicare

Stay current on everything Medicare with Baylor Scott & White Health Plan. Content includes a variety of Medicare topics and tips, guidance on different coverage options and plans, and important factors to consider as you approach the age of 65.

A nurse assisting an elderly woman.

May 9

How to Get the Most Out of Your Preventive Care Benefits

Medicare Advantage preventive screening guidelines recommend annual tests to detect major illnesses early. Learn why preventive care saves both lives and costs.

A couple sitting on a couch, looking at a tablet.

Apr 9

Special Enrollment Periods for Medicare Advantage

What is a Medicare Advantage special enrollment period? Learn how relocation, coverage loss, and contract changes can create a special enrollment period.

Woman sitting on a couch discussing her mental health with a doctor

Feb 21

Understanding Medicare Advantage’s Coverage for Mental Health Services

Does Medicare cover mental health benefits? Learn how Medicare Advantage plans provide a cost-effective alternative for mental health benefits.

A smiling man with gray hair and facial hair sitting at a table next to a smiling woman with dark brown hair sitting at a table going over paperwork with a bald man in a suit.

Jan 9

What to Expect From Your ‘Welcome to Medicare’ Visit

Your Welcome to Medicare visit is a free one-time visit covered under Medicare Advantage. Learn more about how your preventive care plan is made.

A man and woman sitting at a table using a laptop

Nov 15

Exploring Medicare Advantage’s Wellness Plans & Preventive Care Benefits

Medicare Advantage wellness plans help older adults be proactive about preventive care. Learn more about Medicare wellness program benefits.

Senior woman sitting in a chair on her tablet with middle-aged woman beside her

Oct 24

Tips for Navigating the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

It's easy to confuse Medicare Annual Enrollment Period with Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. Learn which dates apply and coverage changes you can make.

Oct 3

Medicare Fraud: How to Protect Yourself and Report Scams

Read to learn about the red flags of Medicare and Medicare Advantage fraud, how to protect yourself and how to report scams if they target you.

Aug 16

Understanding Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage Explained

What is Medicare Part D and how does it work? Here’s what you need to know about choosing a prescription drug plan if you are a Medicare beneficiary.

May 3

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Dental? 

Does Medicare Advantage cover dental? Some plans do while others don’t. Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans that offer dental coverage.

Mature Woman is Happy to Have a Caregiver by her Side. Asian Woman with Physical Disabilities is Glad to Receive Care by an Older Woman.

Apr 19

Medicare Eligibility for People with Disabilities

Can you get Medicare early if you are disabled? Yes, you can if you meet Social Security’s disability guidelines even if you can still work to some extent.