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The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Ends Soon.

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Annual Enrollment Period Ends in:

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How Baylor Scott & White Health Plan can benefit you

  • $0 premium plans available
  • Access to all Baylor Scott & White Health providers and thousands of additional in-network providers across North and Central Texas
  • Dental coverage included in most plans
  • Vision coverage and eyewear allowance
  • Hearing coverage and hearing aid allowance
  • Over-the-counter allowance included in HMO plans (from $30-$50, depending on plan)
  • Routine transportation, meal delivery, and in-home support services in all HMO plans

Your doctors, hospitals and Medicare Advantage plan working together

Beginning in January 2022, Scott and White Health Plan will do business as Baylor Scott & White Health Plan, to reinforce our commitment to coordinating care and coverage with the Baylor Scott & White Health system.* As a combined team, we are dedicated to friendly customer service, comprehensive benefits, and affordable in-network access to the only non-profit, fully integrated health system in Texas.





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